Who you are

  You care. About people. About stuff that matters. About doing life well. You work on yourself. You’re committed to being the best you you can be. You work on your relationships. You know love takes commitment. You’re invested. You

Is real love out of reach?

You’ve lost yourself in relationship. …Or you’re looking for love and fearful of repeating history. You feel stuck. Anxious. Misunderstood. Your intimate relationship is struggling. Dynamics are a battle…or a quiet repeat of tiring patterns. Your body is feeling the

I’ve been there

I was raised to “put others first.” Focused on others, I strove to also be true to myself. Eventually, I lost that wrestling match. In a big way. It was one of the worst…and best things that could happen. I was

They say true love takes commitment. But that's only half the truth.

If what you're committed to is another person, or the relationship itself, you're headed for compromise, heartache, and possibly, failure. True love takes commitment, but not to what you think.

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I see a future filled with possibilities

Kai has been an absolute answered prayer. She is one of those people you feel “at home” with instantaneously. Her dedication and loyalty in seeing me succeed–by my “own” definition of success–never wavered, even when mine did. Prior to beginning Alchemy sessions with Kai, my life was filled with chaos, stress and extreme suffering. I had experienced a significant loss and my entire world was spiraling downward. I allowed anxiety to take over and it impacted EVERYTHING. I wasn’t sleeping, eating, working, or being in relationship well, and had almost completely lost my faith. My life now is one of genuine happiness, peace and freedom. I don’t suffer from anxiety and I am much more relaxed. I see a future filled with possibilities and look forward to whatever each new day brings my way. I am in love with life itself and could not be happier!! Simply put, Kai Madrone helped me save my own life.

Joy Phillips MSW, Business Owner, Advocate

She has an enormous commitment to helping people achieve mastery

We all have our challenges in life, but I have seen Kai face challenges which seem difficult beyond measure. Many would sink to defeat and resignation. But Kai does not. I have witnessed Kai's true mastery of her state of well-being in her own life. I now see Kai taking the power of Alchemy into the world. The way she has transformed her own life is now making a difference for others. She has an enormous commitment to helping people achieve mastery of their own, and embodies the wisdom, compassion and joy to make that contribution to everyone who works with her.

Debra Kloor Craniosacral Therapist, Polarity Therapist, SE Practitioner