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Is true love out of reach? No. In fact, it’s closer than you think.
Is this a discovery worth making?

Working together one-on-one is an experience of being deeply heard, finding genuine love, and experiencing more of who you are–with great laughter along the way.

You will gain lifelong tools for shifting out of fear and anxiety, obtaining clear perspective, and communicating more effectively than you thought possible. By the time we’re done you’ll have found the love you’re seeking and the freedom to be who you are.

It’s a significant investment on both our parts. This is for you if you are ready to discover true love, to start with yourself, and to commit to letting our weekly sessions ripple through your life.

If that’s you, fill out the form below and you will receive a link to schedule a free one-on-one session to discover where you’re at and what I can do to show you how to have the love you want.

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What people are saying

“Kai, thank you for today  _/\ _
I feel so calm and softly and wonderfully happy.
Holy shit. This really works!”
–Johanne Acton, Ottawa, Ontario

“Kai has been an absolute answered prayer. She is one of those people you feel “at home” with instantaneously.  Her dedication and loyalty in seeing me succeed–by my own definition of success–never, ever wavered, even when mine did. She refused to give up; questioning my questions at every turn until I FINALLY got it!

As a result of my work with Kai, I found light amidst the darkness. I understand now that pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional.  Wow!  It is so true. And… was I ever suffering!! Prior to beginning Alchemy sessions with Kai, my life was filled with chaos, stress and extreme suffering. I had experienced a significant loss and my entire world was spiraling downward.  I allowed anxiety to take over and it impacted EVERYTHING. I wasn’t sleeping, eating, working, or being in relationship well, and had almost completely lost my faith.

Even though there has been no resolution to the circumstances that led me to begin working with Kai, my life now is one of genuine happiness, peace and freedom.  I don’t suffer from anxiety and I am much more relaxed. The world seems bigger, more spacious and quieter.  I see a future filled with possibilities and look forward to whatever each new day brings my way. Simply put, Kai Madrone helped me save my own life. The amount of gratitude I have for her can never be expressed through words.”
–Joy Phillips, Lafayette, CO

“Working with Kai can most easily be described simply as a Joy.
Kai’s understanding, patience, warmth and teaching style are simply at the highest level.  Kai’s dedication to her clients and care for their learning curve and well being is also quite rare.  She posses a profound understanding of the human experience and a unique ability to help her clients discover this understanding for themselves.”
–Geoff Levine, Seattle, WA

“I’ve known Kai as a friend and neighbor for 3 years. In this time, I’ve witnessed her navigating some intense challenges–enough to devastate and potentially crush a human spirit. From a therapist’s theoretical perspective, when someone sustains an ongoing activating environment, like Kai has, it can result in trauma, or re-traumatization. Being a friend and neighbor, there are times I observed her experiencing this activated state, but never for long. I was curious about what made that possible.

One big contributing factor that I see to Kai’s ability to not get stuck in an activated state through these ongoing challenges lies in her work with the Alchemy process. Kai’s understanding of this process isn’t from any book learning, but rather from her direct experience, handling these significant obstacles in her own life. Seeing how effectively she has utilized Alchemy herself, I am confident that anyone working with her receives immense benefit from that mastery.”
–Jeff Jones; MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified TRE Practitioner

We all have our challenges in life, but I have seen Kai face challenges which seem difficult beyond measure. Many would sink to defeat and resignation. But Kai does not. I have witnessed Kai’s true mastery of her state of well-being.

I now see Kai taking the power of Alchemy into the world. The way she has transformed her own life is now making a difference for others. She has an enormous commitment to helping people achieve mastery of their own, and embodies the wisdom, compassion and joy to make that contribution to everyone who works with her.
– Debra Kloor, Craniosacral Therapist, Polarity Therapist, SE Practitioner


How to heal your love life

With the truth, everything changes.

THIS is how you heal your love life–by getting to the heart of things.
Which is where Alchemy comes in. Alchemy is a powerful process and practice that goes straight to the root of the issue and reveals real love. It’s simple, because truth is simple. It’s effective, because it places you in the empowered position of feeling good and seeing how things really are.

You stop spinning your wheels, living at the mercy of others and what you need from them, and become self-fulfilling, calm, and confident. You discover the truth about love and watch problems and burdens transmute into peace, laughter, and life-changing insight. You experience true love, like never before–without the baggage, without the illusions, without the pain.

Yes, you’ll experience tremendous healing and the past will no longer be a stumbling block. Yes, you’ll discover how to communicate skillfully and watch personal issues resolve. Those are all natural outcomes of getting to the heart of things.

The practice of Alchemy was developed by my mentor and teacher, Cindy Teevens, who found a way to facilitate for others the life-altering breakthrough that occurred for her when she discovered the undeniable peace, love and joy within. I’ve been working with Cindy since 2011 and am continually awed by the full and far-reaching effect Alchemy brings our clients and community.

I love this work because it transforms lives and relationships.
I love it because rather than telling you, I get to show you.
Together, we take on your real-life hurts, quandaries, and issues and do the impossible: move from stuck, hurting, conflicted, lonely, hopeless, angry or lost
to connected, relaxed, warm, fulfilled, confident, loved, and loving.

In my own life, using Alchemy, I’ve watched the utterly impossible become not only possible, but extraordinary, again and again, until the miraculous has become my ever-extraordinary normal.

In my clients’ lives, desperation, anxiety, and hopelessness have turned to joy, peace, and freedom, basking in love.
There’s nothing that can’t be remedied with truth and there is no one that is beyond love.

You’re not alone. We do this together.

Is real love out of reach?

Photo by Marc Olivier Jodoin

You’ve lost yourself in relationship.
…Or you’re looking for love and fearful of repeating history.
You feel stuck. Anxious. Misunderstood.

Your intimate relationship is struggling.
Dynamics are a battle…or a quiet repeat of tiring patterns.
Your body is feeling the strain.

You’ve tried and tried to make things better, but the issues remain–
the same relationships difficulties,
the same unfulfilled longings.

Are you longing for real love?

Deep connection. Real respect.
The light-hearted, spring-in-your-step  j o y  of being in love.

Rich intimacy AND spaciousness.
The freedom to be who you are, truly yourself, and
loved as you are, fully.

Living a harmonious and happy life with your beloved.
A genuinely conscious relationship–the kind of relationship where
you can grow and become all of who you are,
while feeling totally safe and completely at home.

Is it too much to ask?


Who you are

You care. About people. About stuff that matters. About doing life well.
You work on yourself. You’re committed to being the best you you can be.

You work on your relationships. You know love takes commitment.
You’re invested. You show up. You do your inner work…

But what happens when working on things doesn’t make them better?

Have you noticed that the more you work at your relationship, the more you work on yourself, the more there is to do?
It seems endless. Because it is.

What if, instead of working on it–with your partner, by yourself, with a therapist…there was a way to shift so that love simply flows? Naturally.
Like how it was in the beginning.

Is it possible? Yes. Not only possible, this  i s  h o w   l o v e   w o r k s.
You don’t have to work at love. You don’t have to make relationship work.

Love knows what to do.
You just have to learn how to step into the flow of love and all its wisdom, grace, and effortless joy.


I’ve been there — beyond the nightmare

I was raised to “put others first.” Focused on others, I strove to also be true to myself. Eventually, I lost that wrestling match. Big time. It was one of the worst…and best things that could happen.

I was in a relationship where my partner and I both believed that the problem…was me. I continually tried to improve myself. It was never enough. I gave everything I had. It wasn’t enough. I gave more. My life revolved around my spouse and we danced a brutal cycle. After years of this I found myself inches from a total breakdown–which was a line I wasn’t willing to cross. Something had to change. Thankfully, I found Cindy, who showed me the transformative power of Alchemy.

I emerged from that relationship ready to do what it took to heal…only to enter my worst nightmare.

Fortunately, my need for help was even greater than my resistance to reaching out. Cindy walked me through the fire. She gave me the truth and practical tools I needed to meet the situation and its daunting demands. In the midst of heart-wrenching circumstances I discovered the truth she kept pointing to: we can live in genuine joy, peace, and love no matter what is happening.

Alchemy gave me what I needed to navigate the shocking loss of my daughter, a grueling court battle, deep financial hardship, years of debilitating chronic illness, the long goodbye of a cherished beloved…and enjoy life through it all.

I survived. I healed. I discovered how to truly love myself and others. I watched lifelong issues resolve, never to resurface. I gained clarity and found myself remarkably capable of empowered action. I marveled as wisdom kicked in and impossible situations became possible. I found joy so big it had to be danced. And I came to realize that love cannot be lost.

So how do we find love that cannot be lost? How do we do conscious relationship? How do we live in freedom AND in love?

That’s what I get the joy of showing people. Because after some urging from my mentor-teacher, I realized she was right: it was time to share. Though initially reluctant to step forward as a facilitator, once I started working with clients, seeing them shift as I had–from fearful pain to joyful aliveness–the willingness to share expanded into a commitment. A commitment to sparking a larger shift…to a world where happy, healthy relationships are the norm, instead of the exception.

Imagine a world where the love songs aren’t about heartbreak, loss, or  infatuation, but are actually about LOVE. A world where instead of being drained and disheartened by troubled relationships, people have energy and confidence to enjoy life, share their gifts, realize their dreams, and raise healthy, happy families. A world where you are true to yourself and surrounded by love.

Thanks to a painful relationship that woke me up, and a wise teacher-mentor that showed me a truer, more easeful way, that is my world, and it can be yours. Instead of working at love, I get to share it. I show people how to have the love they want. And I can tell you already–that true love is closer than you think!

Photo by Holly Wilder

Why I’m writing you a love letter

Dear One,

Why am I writing you a love letter?

Because I think of you often.
Because there are things I long to share with you…
but they don’t come to mind as blog posts.
They arise like conversation.

Candid, open, truthful.
Touched with a yearning that you know you are loved.
A heart-to-heart.

I tried to write a blog. I really did. (There is one post to show for it. :))
But I prefer sitting down together and getting to the heart of things.
Preferably with a cup of tea (go ahead and pour one, you deserve this quiet moment).

So let’s do this.
Because this blog can be a heart-to-heart conversation.
In fact, it can be a love letter. A love letter about love itself.

So from now on, that’s what this is–a love letter, from my heart to yours.
Rather than instruction, we can have conversation.
Any time you feel moved to respond, simply post a reply.
Or email me here.

And if you’d like to get the rest of my letters to you,
just mention it, and I’ll mail them straight to your inbox.

With love,