Is real love out of reach?

Photo by Marc Olivier Jodoin

You’ve lost yourself in relationship.
…Or you’re looking for love and fearful of repeating history.
You feel stuck. Anxious. Misunderstood.

Your intimate relationship is struggling.
Dynamics are a battle…or a quiet repeat of tiring patterns.
Your body is feeling the strain.

You’ve tried and tried to make things better, but the issues remain–
the same relationships difficulties,
the same unfulfilled longings.

Are you longing for real love?

Deep connection. Real respect.
The light-hearted, spring-in-your-step  j o y  of being in love.

Rich intimacy AND spaciousness.
The freedom to be who you are, truly yourself, and
loved as you are, fully.

Living a harmonious and happy life with your beloved.
A genuinely conscious relationship–the kind of relationship where
you can grow and become all of who you are,
while feeling totally safe and completely at home.

Is it too much to ask?