How to heal your love life

People flounder in relationship; hurting, disempowered, and frustrated, not because they have poor communication skills, or childhood trauma, or emotional wounds…not because they haven’t worked on things enough, or because their partner does _________ or isn’t ________ (you fill it in!), but because of false information.

People struggle in relationship because of false information about love, false information about relationship, and false information about happiness. 

You can do tons of therapy, become a masterful communicator, and work on your so-called personal issues for decades, but until you have the truth about love, relationships, and how happiness works, how will you ever experience lasting, fulfilling love?

With the truth, everything changes.
This is how you heal your love life–by getting to the heart of things.

Which is where Alchemy comes in. Alchemy is a powerful process and practice that goes straight to the root of the issue and reveals real love. It’s simple, because truth is simple. It’s effective, because it places you in the empowered position of feeling good and seeing how things really are.

You stop spinning your wheels, living at the mercy of others and what you need from them, and become self-fulfilling, calm, and confident. You discover the truth about love and watch problems and burdens transmute into peace, laughter, and life-changing insight. You experience true love, like never before–without the baggage, without the illusions, without the pain.

Yes, you’ll experience tremendous healing and the past will no longer be a stumbling block. Yes, you’ll discover how to communicate skillfully and watch personal issues resolve. Those are all natural outcomes of getting to the heart of things.

The practice of Alchemy was developed by my mentor and teacher, Cindy Teevens, who found a way to facilitate for others the life-altering breakthrough that occurred for her when she discovered the undeniable peace, love and joy within. I’ve been working with Cindy since 2011 and am continually awed by the full and far-reaching effect Alchemy brings our clients and community.

I love this work because it transforms lives and relationships.
I love it because rather than telling you, I get to show you.
Together, we take on your real-life hurts, quandaries, and issues and do the impossible: move from stuck, hurting, conflicted, lonely, hopeless, angry or lost to connected, relaxed, warm, fulfilled, confident, loved, and loving.

In my own life, using Alchemy, I’ve watched the utterly impossible become not only possible, but extraordinary, again and again, until the miraculous has become my ever-extraordinary normal.
In my clients’ lives, I’ve watched desperation, anxiety, and hopelessness turn to joy, peace, and freedom, basking in love.
There’s nothing that is unresolved by truth and no one that is beyond love.
You’re not alone. We do this together.