I’ve been there — beyond the nightmare

I was raised to “put others first.” Focused on others, I strove to also be true to myself. Eventually, I lost that wrestling match. Big time. It was one of the worst…and best things that could happen.

I was in a relationship where my partner and I both believed that the problem…was me. I continually tried to improve myself. It was never enough. I gave everything I had. It wasn’t enough. I gave more. My life revolved around my spouse and we danced a brutal cycle. After years of this I found myself inches from a total breakdown–which was a line I wasn’t willing to cross. Something had to change. Thankfully, I found Cindy, who showed me the transformative power of Alchemy.

I emerged from that relationship ready to do what it took to heal…only to enter my worst nightmare.

Fortunately, my need for help was even greater than my resistance to reaching out. Cindy walked me through the fire. She gave me the truth and practical tools I needed to meet the situation and its daunting demands. In the midst of heart-wrenching circumstances I discovered the truth she kept pointing to: we can live in genuine joy, peace, and love no matter what is happening.

Alchemy gave me what I needed to navigate the shocking loss of my daughter, a grueling court battle, deep financial hardship, years of debilitating chronic illness, the long goodbye of a cherished beloved…and enjoy life through it all.

I survived. I healed. I discovered how to truly love myself and others. I watched lifelong issues resolve, never to resurface. I gained clarity and found myself remarkably capable of empowered action. I marveled as wisdom kicked in and impossible situations became possible. I found joy so big it had to be danced. And I came to realize that love cannot be lost.

So how do we find love that cannot be lost? How do we do conscious relationship? How do we live in freedom AND in love?

That’s what I get the joy of showing people. Because after some urging from my mentor-teacher, I realized she was right: it was time to share. Though initially reluctant to step forward as a facilitator, once I started working with clients, seeing them shift as I had–from fearful pain to joyful aliveness–the willingness to share expanded into a commitment. A commitment to sparking a larger shift…to a world where happy, healthy relationships are the norm, instead of the exception.

Imagine a world where the love songs aren’t about heartbreak, loss, or  infatuation, but are actually about LOVE. A world where instead of being drained and disheartened by troubled relationships, people have energy and confidence to enjoy life, share their gifts, realize their dreams, and raise healthy, happy families. A world where you are true to yourself and surrounded by love.

Thanks to a painful relationship that woke me up, and a wise teacher-mentor that showed me a truer, more easeful way, that is my world, and it can be yours. Instead of working at love, I get to share it. I show people how to have the love they want. And I can tell you already–that true love is closer than you think!

Photo by Holly Wilder