What people are saying

“Kai, thank you for today  _/\ _
I feel so calm and softly and wonderfully happy.
Holy shit. This really works!”

–Johanne Acton, Ottawa, Ontario

“Kai has been an absolute answered prayer.  Her calming, compassionate nature and soothing voice provided me with comfort right from the beginning.  She is one of those people you feel “at home” with instantaneously.  Her dedication and loyalty in seeing me succeed–by my “own” definition of success–never, ever wavered, even when mine did. She refused to give up; questioning my questions at every turn and when I thought I had the answers, she asked more questions until I FINALLY got it! 

As a result of my work with Kai, I found light amidst the darkness. I understand now that pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional.  Wow!  It is so true. And… was I ever suffering!!

Prior to beginning Alchemy sessions with Kai, my life was filled with chaos, stress and extreme suffering. I had experienced a significant loss and my entire world was spiraling downward.  I allowed anxiety to take over and it impacted EVERYTHING. I wasn’t sleeping, eating, working, or being in relationship well, and had almost completely lost my faith.

Even though there has been no resolution to the circumstances that led me to begin working with Kai, my life now is one of genuine happiness, peace and freedom.  I don’t suffer from anxiety and I am much more relaxed. The world seems bigger, more spacious and quieter.  I see a future filled with possibilities and look forward to whatever each new day brings my way. 

Simply put, Kai Madrone helped me save my own life. The amount of gratitude I have for her can never be expressed through words.”

–Joy Phillips, Lafayette, CO



“Working with Kai can most easily be described simply as a Joy.  Kai’s understanding, patience, warmth and teaching style are simply at the highest level.  Kai’s dedication to her clients and care for their learning curve and well being is also quite rare.  She posses a profound understanding of the human experience and a unique ability to help her clients discover this understanding for themselves.”

–Geoff Levine, Seattle, WA


“I’ve known Kai as a friend and neighbor for 3 years. In this time, I’ve witnessed her navigating some intense challenges–enough to devastate and potentially crush a human spirit. From a therapist’s theoretical perspective, when someone sustains an ongoing activating environment, like Kai has, it can result in trauma, or re-traumatization. Being a friend and neighbor, there are times I observed her experiencing this activated state, but never for long. I was curious about what made that possible.

One big contributing factor that I see to Kai’s ability to not get stuck in an activated state through these ongoing challenges lies in her work with Cindy Teevens and the Alchemy process. Kai’s understanding of this process isn’t from any book learning, but rather from her direct experience, handling these significant obstacles in her own life. Seeing how effectively she has utilized Alchemy herself, I am confident that anyone working with her receives immense benefit from that mastery.”

–Jeff Jones; MA, Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified TRE Practitioner

We all have our challenges in life, but I have seen Kai face challenges which seem difficult beyond measure. Many would sink to defeat and resignation. But Kai does not. She has described the practice of Alchemy as having made all the difference in her life, a discovery which has enabled her to continue to not only meet the challenges but stay positive and even happy in the midst of them. I have witnessed Kai’s true mastery of her state of well-being in her own life.

I now see Kai taking the power of Alchemy into the world. The way she has transformed her own life is now making a difference for others. She has an enormous commitment to helping people achieve mastery of their own, and embodies the wisdom, compassion and joy to make that contribution to everyone who works with her.

– Debra Kloor, Craniosacral Therapist, Polarity Therapist, SE Practitioner