Why I’m writing you a love letter

Dear One,

Why am I writing you a love letter?

Because I think of you often.
Because there are things I long to share with you…
but they don’t come to mind as blog posts.
They arise like conversation.

Candid, open, truthful.
Touched with a yearning that you know you are loved.
A heart-to-heart.

I tried to write a blog. I really did. (There is one post to show for it. :))
But I prefer sitting down together and getting to the heart of things.
Preferably with a cup of tea (go ahead and pour one, you deserve this quiet moment).

So let’s do this.
Because this blog can be a heart-to-heart conversation.
In fact, it can be a love letter. A love letter about love itself.

So from now on, that’s what this is–a love letter, from my heart to yours.
Rather than instruction, we can have conversation.
Any time you feel moved to respond, simply post a reply.
Or email me here.

And if you’d like to get the rest of my letters to you,
just mention it, and I’ll mail them straight to your inbox.

With love,